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 A new year and whatnot - contact info etc

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A new year and whatnot - contact info etc Empty
PostSubject: A new year and whatnot - contact info etc   A new year and whatnot - contact info etc Icon_minitimeTue Mar 01, 2011 4:55 pm

Hello everybody. It's been a while, hasn't it...

I hesitated to make yet another one of these threads, but I reckoned
it would be more noticeable if I did as opposed to necro-posting in some
other thread.

Either way, I suppose this is my annual 'hello-guys-what-are-you-doing-
these-days' greeting. Personally there isn't much that has changed. I am
still studying in Stockholm (mostly), although I have sort of stopped playing
WoW (or I have taken a break, you never know), mostly because the PvP
I am interested in is hard to find thanks to new game mechanics.

If anyone feels like communicating beyond these once-a-year forum posts,
I'll leave some contact details below:

Skype: zylvith
Youtube: RatslayerProductions
E-mail: temedra@live.com (I don't check this very often, best bet is skype)

It's possible to just chat on skype, but I don't mind voice conversations at all,
better late than never to hear fellow ex-MoMers voices, right?

I hope you are all well, and I hope I hear from you once you read this.

Best wishes,
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A new year and whatnot - contact info etc
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