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 An assassins Vendetta

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PostSubject: An assassins Vendetta   An assassins Vendetta Icon_minitimeMon Apr 02, 2007 4:40 am

Haggis began his life in his home, the high peaks of Mount Zharim.

His story Started when he was a young man, he was an eager adventurer, forever venturing to foreign lands, with the dwarves that owned the mines. His favourites being the Rolling hills of Talrim and the lakes and Forest of Anidaen, he loved the elves, and he looked up to them, and forever yearned to become a druid.

One day he was on a trading trip in Kauldur, trading his family’s livelihood, coal. He met a young girl. He fell in love, but was too shy to speak to her, mainly because her father was the famous Necromancer Azael Leer. So he endeavoured to impress her, using mainly his strength, because good looks weren’t on his side.

He returned to his home, riding his wyvern, to find a deserted cave, and the corpses of many Halfling paladins and standing strong among them, wielding his mace, was Yurgash, his cousin. Haggis found his parents and brothers dead, murdered by the army. He presented Yurgash with a fine helm, made from a giant skull. He then set off in search of vengeance.

Hating the FoL he returned to Kauldur, and to Sheba. He wanted Revenge, and believed the only way to bring this was by joining the followers of the Maw Insatiable. The assassins. His love for animals and nature, and his belief that he could resurrect his parents made him also follow the paths of the druids and clerics.

Later that year he Married Sheba and they had a son, Affe. It was then that Haggis set out on his vengeance mission, using his powers for greater evil. He tore followers of Light limb from limb as a wolf, and slit throats on his path towards Trinst.

But his greatest evil was saved for those who held power, and those who helped in the slaying of his family. He would capture the “victim” and take them to his hide away, where he would prolong their deaths, using cleric powers to keep them alive as long as he could.

He has Journeyed from the peaks of Zharim, to the Swamps of Ruin, even venturing close to the Paladin homes near Trinst, to spread his fear. No matter where he goes, and what he does he will never forget his calling, he will never forget his path.

“The knives are coming for you”
“The Maw Insatiable will kill you all”
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An assassins Vendetta
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