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 The Structure of I I I I

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The Structure of I I I I Empty
PostSubject: The Structure of I I I I   The Structure of I I I I Icon_minitimeWed Apr 04, 2007 12:30 pm


Lawful Destructive


The I I I I is an organisation convinced that only chaos and destruction will lead to life and growing in Mirth. Yet chaos unrestrained leads to nothing but wild and uncivilized devastation. Therefore I I I I decided to seize power and lead Mirth to good. We consider the Fellowship of Light as a contrary movement against the law set by nature. The I I I I gathers knowledge and power to eventually persuade the Light Faction in Mirth to follow the right way. Naivity and stubborness go hand in hand with the Lights, called "Awnids" by the members of I I I I. Sometimes these Awnids must be forced to loose their attitude and become a worthy part of civilisation.


The I I I I is divided in seven departments:
- Scientific Developement
- Mystic/Religious Section
- Intelligence Department
- Assassination Squad
- Steel Force
- Diplomacy
- Logistic/Finances

A strict hierarchy shall strengthen our power.

Scientific Developement:
The Leader of Scientific Developement must have great knowledge and access to sources of the technical parts of I I I I. Whenever a new invention is made, they have to know it. To provide all forces of I I I I with the best available knowledge and tactics, and to conduct research lies in the responsibility of this Leader.

Narita will lead the Scientific Developement Department.

Mystic/Religious Section:
The Leader of this Section will be responsible for ceremonies, tokens that have great value for I I I I, knowledge in religious matters and teaching them to our members. The Leader has to take care for the gods that will help us to reach our goal.

Talyl will lead the Mystic/Religious Section.

Intelligence Department:

Assassination Squad:
The Assassination Squad will be called whenever time and urge forces us to strike as quick as silent. The team will be small and specialized, keen in using daggers and poisons, fast in movement and shadowy in motion. Task of the Leader is to teach their members the art of killing, the usage of different weapons and to lead them in action.

Zhaira will be Leader of the Assassination Squad.

Steel Force:
The Steel Force is the broad sword of I I I I. Whenever greater hosts of the enemy approach they will stand toe on toe with them and wipe them with the power of I I I I. The Leader of this Forces is responsible for the readyness, the fitness and the equipment of the soldiers; frequently the Forces have to make exercises to gain experience in war. The Leader will take care that every member of the Steel Force will take part at training, the Leader is responsible for planning and executing tournaments to make sure that I I I I has the best armed power in Mirth.

<not decided yet> will be Leader of the Steel Force.

The Leader of this department is responsible for official statements and negotiations with other guilds. The Leader will have great knowledge about the structures and responsibilities of the guilds in Mirth, be they friendly or hostile to I I I I.

Faaris will be Leader of Diplomacy

This department provides the members of I I I I with items and money. The wealth of our organisation allows us to equip members with the best armor/weapons... that are available. The Leader of this department is responsible that the members of I I I I are fit out with all what they need to be an efficient part of the organisation.

Faaris will be Leader of Logistic/Finances.

It is the responsibility of all Leaders to teach their scholars what they need to know. That means they give them tasks that are adequate to their experience and lead them to more power this way. The Leaders are in charge to recruit members for their department in numbers as they wish. Keep in mind that the Steel Force needs more members than the Intelligence Department or Assassination Squad. Every non-officer shall decide which department fits them best and choose it as their profession. New members will decide which department fits their talents best.

I will contact every Leader giving them a chance to question my decisions.
I hope this structure will improve the activity and meaning of I I I I and will lead to a great future.
Please do not reply here if you have concerns or questions. Send me a PM or contact me on IRC under Herleva|irc or Herleva|afk


Faaris, Leader of I I I I

(This Structure is not hewn in stone. Suggestions for changes are welcome, also better names for the departments or titles for leaders)
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The Structure of I I I I
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