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Almost forgotten is, what took place once upon a time, and disappeared seem the tales and myths that explained whatfor the blood of many thousands among all races was spread, encrusting the earth, that is former known as our thread of reality:


And certainly extincted is the memory of a small elected group on Mirth, that was founded to dedicate themselves to the Kaana Uuruka Rae Esh, when those still moved united within the Loom.

But, as the Divinities splitted up into the Kaana Uuruka Gen and the Duuma Esh Alaashiim, so did the group, and some followed those who wanted to preserve life's beauty, and the others assisted and served those who brought chaos and destruction.

What before had been a pact based on esteem and respect to eachother, with an incomparable loyalty towards all members of the Divine Family, turned out into an exemplary and embittert war of betrayal, contempt and hatred, carrying all possible cruelty among its members, that even exceeds our imagination.

Unfortunately, this minor battle was just a detail in a serie of great wars that has been unleashed after Kaana Uuruka Gen had displaced the further Divines. During the continuance of the wars, the traces of each factions of this group disappeared, were swallowed, and banished out of the reality’s consciousness.


Nowadays, rumors has it that both factions found their way back into these times we all share:

Four decent friends, born in Fainum, brave characters with pure souls and hearts that even are able to feel pity for their opponents, seem to take up the path that once has been followed by the guardians of life’s beauty.

But the opposite faction, truely sacrifying their own lifes to serve the Blight Lords, already landed their first strike of historical importance.


Two days ago the impossible happened: Himmorlian Chask, who was admired by the Fellowship of Light as Godfather Kauldur’s alter ego on Mirth, has been overwhelmed and beaten in a terrible fight by four children and heirs of Kauldur. These four drow not only proved the Fellowship of Light’s fundamental error, having humilated, tortured and finally killed Himmorlian Chask, they also regained their Godfather’s ring to return it one day to the rightly, one and only owner: Kauldur.

With this event the tradition of the ancient factions will become a revival, though none of the involved is already aware of his future role. So far there are to mention:

Abel and Salene, two halfings, Herleva, an elf and the human Thais on one hand, following instinctively the trace of those who protect life’s beauty.

Five darkelves will stand as their opponents, Faaris with his mistress Zhaira, Setill and his dark love Narita, and finally Alasdee, to spread chaos and destruction forfilling their Lord’s desires, and to defeat everyone who dares to bar their way.

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