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 Hellago Lyonis -=[ Presentation ]=-

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Hellago Lyonis

Hellago Lyonis

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Age : 32
Localisation : Behind my lethal blades on my faithful dragon, "Fury of the Shadow"... (|[France]|)
Registration date : 2007-03-31

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PostSubject: Hellago Lyonis -=[ Presentation ]=-   Hellago Lyonis -=[ Presentation ]=- Icon_minitimeTue Aug 21, 2007 6:53 am

Greetings, I'm Hellago Lyonis, son of Share and Anatha Lyonis.
Been born of an union between a human and one elf, they raised
me along with my twin brother, Ciloss, within the elf people, in
a huge and splendid forest, on an island, located in another world.

My parents taught me already very young to fight, my mother, mainly, to call upon
the power of the Nature and handle all kind of weapons and specially bow, sword
and axe because I was particularly effective, fast and powerful with those weapons.

I learnt to become Shaman and a bit Ranger.

My father, in parallel, introduced me and entailed me to magic.

I learnt to be wizard..

Unfortunatly, some years later, the war was approaching closer and closer of us
and our beautiful forest, we then left our parents to go to the war, we then lived the most
terrific and the most decisive battle that was going to change the life of everyone in our island.
in spite of our small numeric advantage, the darkness deamons, riding their legendary dragons
and all their monstrous creatures which we had to fight costed us of too numerous men...
Suddenly, the forces of evil called upon an immense creature carrying two ardent
immense sabres, in the middle of the battle, which killed anyone around it and then
attacked our enemies's leader, «Ghorgűl», another daemon, as powerful as it.
A relentless fight was then engaged between both opponents making
a big number of our enemies to run away to their land.

After several months, we then decided with my brother to tempt an exploration
but we have been taken in ambush by a group of goblins, accompanied by two ice's dragons :
we had no chance to win and we preferred save our life : they didn't want to fight, for once,
and by way of "thanking", their revealers teleported us to another thread. (see Basic Cosmology)

I landed by miracle, alone, on a beach of this island, where elves came to help me and saved my life...
Once having resumed my strength, I stayed then and helped them in multiple things.

I perfected myself in the art to be a ranger.

once a large number of accomplished tasks, I left to investigate the world
of Mirth and organize attacks against the enemis of the elves.
During a slaughter planified against a goblin, I saw my brother, that I hadn't seen once
since my ancient island, fighting with me. Then we have, since this moment, killed
numerous enemies together, planned numerous ambushes and any kind of attack.
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Hellago Lyonis -=[ Presentation ]=-
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