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PostSubject: Herleva   Herleva Icon_minitimeTue Dec 26, 2006 12:53 pm

Born and grown up in the Forest of Anidaen, Herleva is familiar
with nature and all creatures of the wild. Though the life of Elves is
hard to count in years, she radiates a spirit of youth.
Her blue eyes and her open mind give her appearance a naive touch.

When she wanders through the woods, whistling softly,
those who hear her suddenly feel light and without sorrow.

Proudly wearing the signs of her race in her face, in striking
contrast to her healthy paleness, she desires what Sashaan
thought for her: To become a steward of the land.

Though she appears simple-minded she is conscious that life
isn't as peaceful as she wishes. Occasionally, sitting at a fire,
her eyes gleaming in the light, her heart sinks, remembering what her
parents tought her about her kindreds, the Dark Elves, and their
efforts to become rulers of Mirth and their hatred against Elves.

She feels pity for them and adheres to the idea that one day
Kuruhaut will appear, as the prohesy told long time ago,
and that he will reunite the Elf races in good.

Her apprenticeship was less a rational decision than given by nature.
She was born as a Ranger and will remain as one. Elves know to use
and craft bows since beginning of time and Herleva carries on
this profession.
It was also her distinctive sense for environments that led her to
this way of life.

Herleva couldn't fail to notice that even her whistling touches people
extraordinarily. She decided to extend this gift in a professional way.

The day she met Sapre Enthirn was the day she realized that becoming
a Bard isn't as easy as she thought, but when she gave a sample of her
voice Sapre accepted her as an apprentice and she already learned
a lot of useful melodies.

Her whistling became a powerful chorus that lifts the hearts of her fellows,
and scares those of her foes.

A part of her is a mystical, which she could explore in lonely nights
at camp fires.

It was her parents who tought her how to stuff a pipe and enter
another world, different and far away from all what she knew before.
The weed for this pipes is a very rare and special mixture that only
Shamans have the knowledge to create.

Whenever Herleva smokes this weed she becomes a whirl of fury,
unrecognizable for those who know her as a peaceful and friendly Elf.

Sometimes she woke up in the morning, spilled with blood, not knowing
where it comes from, but feeling the taste of this weed on her tongue
she knew that she had to do something to control her rages.

In Trinst she seeked and found Hu, known as a master among Shamans.
Hu tought Herleva many other ways to use mysticism in an appropiate
way, though it was hard for Herleva to understand her riddles she
eventually gained control over her power.

In Trinst she met more people than she ever saw before, but one human
drew her attention in a special way. Her name is Thais, a scholar of
arcane arts and member of the monk order.
To Herlevas surprise Thais is also a Ranger and loves nature as she does.

Now after they spent much time together Herlevas feelings for Thais
became stronger, deeper.
In all the years in the forest she occasionally met other Elves,
also males of course, but she never had similar feelings.

Thais is special, and her smile and voice makes Herleva quiver.
Sometimes they just sit on a rock and hold hands and their feelings
are coherent.

Thais became a part of her life, though she doesn't know it and
won't talk about it, because to love her is just natural for Herleva.
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