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 Presenting Salene

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PostSubject: Presenting Salene   Presenting Salene Icon_minitimeTue Dec 26, 2006 1:31 pm

Salene is a young hobbit from the Shire. She has grown in a farm with animals. When she was a child, she played a lot with Abel, a boy in the viciny. He charmed her with his songs and she jumped for joy when they became fiancÚs.

When Abel said he wanted to be a paladin and needed to travel for his introduction, she decided to go together with him. They gone at Trinst for the preparations. Here she asked advices from the monk order BlightBane because they are known to be wise and, also, she likes there colored suit. On the way back, the meet a group of tall people amongst which, the powerfull titan Coercion and a young human girl names Thais who dreamed to visit the world too.
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Presenting Salene
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